The first Cisk brewery in Malta was not established until 1929. Farsons Pale Ale was brewed to meet the requirements of the British garrison and navy stationed on the island. In 1929, Farsons merged with the H.G Simonds brewery from Reading to establish Simonds Farsons Ltd.

Cisk had a definitive role in the transformation of the island’s beverage industry, which saw a predominantly wine drinking culture embrace the love of beer. Consumed across the Maltese Islands, Cisk has a strong presence at Malta’s traditional social band clubs, known as ”kazini”.

The name “Cisk” originates from Scicluna’s nickname “ic-Cisk” which developed out of the local mispronunciation of the word “cheque” which was introduced into local circulation by the Scicluna Bank.

In 2012 €12.5m were invested in a new state of the art brewhouse and, in 2016, €27m in a new beverage packaging facility.

Simonds Farsons Cisk Ltd remain independent brewers and committed to the family traditions and heritage that sustained the brand all these years. Cisk beers consistently achieve international recognition confirming their quality and adding to their prestige.