Pang Pang

Based in Hökarängen, in the south of Stockholm, Pang Pang kick-started the Swedish wave of craft brewing when Fredrik built the brewery in 2010.

In a former bakery in Hökarängenis one of Sweden’s smallest breweries. They make hand made beers with small scale and local production as catchwords. Pang Pang have never done anything practical, easy or economic. On the contrary, the philosophy to always go the long way, to deliver a product that no one else has the power to produce; unfiltered and unpasteurised beer contains live yeast cells, which are bottled and labelled by hand.

Pang Pang Brewery wants to convey an experience that extends longer than taste. They want to see every bottle as a cylindrical gallery that can provide a platform for different artistic expressions!

Always pushing the envelope, challenging beer stereotypes, in fact challenge anything and everything, Fredrik manages to produce consistent fine beers, no matter what crazy ingredients he throws into his fermenter.

Fredrik’s brewed the UK a one off batch of his world famous Shower Beer! Perfect as a body wash – but even better to drink after a very long day at the office.