March 2020

By now, you will, of course, be aware of the threat posed by the Covid-19 strain of coronavirus and the potential for its further spread. We must work together and heed the advice of the UK Government, which is now updated daily, as this will include updates relevant to the wine & beer trade and the potential impact any decisions made will have on all of us.

The safety and well-being of our team, our customers and their families is of the utmost importance so we’re taking the threat of Covid-19 extremely seriously and doing everything the government is asking of us. It’s going to be another challenging year for the trade but the most important thing at times like these is people, so let’s not panic and make sure we  look after one another and stay strong together.

As of Monday 25th March, Morgenrot is still operating ‘business as usual’ and will continue to do so until the situation alters, or we are forced to act differently. We feel it is essential to continue offering the best possible service and support to our staff and customers.

We have in place the following guidelines and actions at Head Office:

  • Hand sanitisers have been purchased and are now in prominent areas around the building.
  • All delivery vans have been equipped with sanitisers.
  • Display and alert posters have been placed on notice boards and in all toilet areas to remind all personnel and visiting personnel regarding proper hygiene measures: (handwashing for at least 20 seconds and catch it, bin it, kill it)
  • Information on Coronavirus from the WHO is displayed on notice boards along with information for all on its symptoms and what do to in the event of a suspected diagnosis.
  • Multi-purpose cleaning wipes for phones and computer devices are available to all personnel
  • Protective, disposable gloves are available for all to use in prominent areas around the building
  • Door handles around the building, along with kitchen door handles, kettles, and other kitchen equipment and appliances, have been cleaned thoroughly with a Dettol kitchen cleaner to help reduce the spread of germs, and all areas of the business are cleaned regularly on a rota system.
  • Sue Mason – H&S Support – is working alongside the contract cleaner to ensure all areas are thoroughly cleaned on an ongoing basis to ensure standards of hygiene do not drop.

Personnel working away from Morgenrot Premises:

  • All staff carry hand sanitisers, disposable tissues and are following good hygiene practice and have received the email re Coronavirus and follow H&S advice.
  • Personnel working from home where possible and neccessary.
  • No face to face meetings. The team will be trained to use Mircosoft Teams to communicate with each other, and alternative arrangements are made for keeping in touch either by email, phone, or video conferencing.
  • All travel to be minimised to all but essential needs.
  • Employees with mild symptoms are being asked to self-isolate at home. But people are being advised not to ring NHS 111 or their GP to report their symptoms unless they are worried. Employees are advised to keep in contact with head office and to update heads of departments on their condition should they become unwell.

Deliveries to Morgenrot and Deliveries to Customers

  • Morgenrot delivery drivers have been equipped with hand sanitisers.
  • Hand sanitisers and washing facilities are readily available for warehouse personnel receiving deliveries.
  • Protective gloves are provided on the main desk in the warehouse for all to use.
  • Warehouse personnel have all been advised on good hygiene practices and are vigilant when receiving deliveries.
  • Warehouse personnel advises Head of Logistics of any concerns regarding poor hygiene practice within the delivery process.
  • Anyone feeling unwell has been advised to contact the Head of Logistics in the first instance or the Company Secretary or MD, who will advise on the protocol in this situation.

Receiving Deliveries from other countries:

  • As above and Head of Logistics and Assistant Head of Logistics are ensuring all H&S aspects are carried out thoroughly and are over-seeing personally, all containers arriving from foreign countries.
  • Any concerns will be taken up with the haulier in the first instance
  • Heads of Department and H&S Support are keeping up to date on the changing situation on various sites, HSE,, WHO and the BBC.
  • The risks of widespread and sustained transmission in the EU will be closely followed and advice given by the authorities will be adhered to.
  • Personnel taken ill will be monitored and if the statistics follow that 20% of a workforce of any company could be affected with the virus, then the company will organise for other members of the team to help out in departments that are low in staffing numbers if at all possible.
  • In the event of the outbreak worsening, the company will re-assess all risks and take note of any Government advice and Public Health leaders to decide on the next steps.
  • The aim at Morgenrot is to minimise the social and economic impact subject to keeping people safe.




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