Craft Beer Promotion – Mala Gissona

October 2017

They say variety is the spice of life, well it’s also the spice of the best beer menus and with the array of local and world craft beers now available, there is no excuse not to refresh, rotate and run with a new brewery every now and then.

To help make it a bit easier for you when deciding on what to stock, we’re going to be showcasing a different craft beer every fortnight with some more than tempting promotions.

The Promotion

  • Running until the 13th November, anyone purchasing 6 cases of either of the two beers listed below will get the 7th free.
  • Interested parties, please contact your rep or
  • Both beers are available in cases of 12 x 33cl.
  • The deal can be used in conjunction with normal discounts.
  • Morgenrot have the right to remove or cancel the deal at any point without notice.

The Brewery

Founded in San Sebastian in the Basque Country, the Mala Gissona brewery has put beer on the map in Europe’s food and drink mecca. Producing eclectic, honest and creative beers, the range can stand alongside and complement the finest cuisine.






The Beers

Django R – 4.8% abv, 12 IBU

Django R is a wheat beer made in honour of the great Jazz musician Django Reinhart.  This pale beer has an intensely fruity and spicy bouquet, is light bodied, flavoursome and very refreshing. This beer loves a wide range of freshly cooked seafood, smoked fish plus is amazing with soft and fresh cheeses.


Apatxe – 5% abc, 34 IBU

Translating as Apache, this American Pale Ale is a deep amber beer brewed with Cascade, Chinook and Columbus hops.  Characterised by an intense citric aroma with hints of orange peel, the initial sweetness on mouth precedes a pleasant bitterness enhancing this beer’s clean and fresh finish.



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