Five Strong Range of Spanish Gins Just the Tonic This Summer

June 2018

As gin-mania continues to gather pace, we’ve strengthened our indomitable Spanish drinks selection with a five-strong range of high class gins from Granada, the Canary Islands and Catalonia.

With the Spanish one of the top gin consuming countries in the world (per person) and very passionate in their belief that they make the best version of the drink, the new Spanish gin range is available immediately to the On and Off trade.

Morgenrot Sales Director Graham Archibald said:

“You can’t go to a pub, restaurant, bar or event without seeing creative gin menus and cocktails – the trend has become colossal and is showing no signs of slowing down.  Spain has a long heritage with gin and it’s always been a go to drink so we’re looking forward to showcasing exactly how the different region’s and islands of Spain bring this drink to life. If the Spanish serve was good enough for Orwell and Hemingway when they spent time over there, then we think the UK consumers will more than appreciate it.”

The new gin offering is made up of the following:

Gin Volcànic, an original and unique gin paying homage to the region of Garrotxa in the Catalan province of Girona in Spain, known for the huge natural park that is home to many extinct volcanos. The gin is triple distilled using volcanic stones to eliminate the build-up of steam and foam in the distillation process and utilises the region’s pure water.  The botanicals are provided by Ratafia Russet, who were founded in 1903.  These elements provide the gin with its identity and have helped it win silver in the World Spirits Competition recently held in San Francisco.

ABV: 42% List Price: £32.00 for a 70cl bottle

Carnation Gin, Granada

The El Clavel brand was founded in 1896 in Cazalla de la Sierra, a whitewashed village nestled among holm and cork oaks in the heart of Sierra Norte in Seville. In 2016 after a laborious search and selection, the brand launched the CARNATION gin – a premium London dry type-gin, produced using traditional distillation methods.   Clear, medium-bodied, soft and silky on the palate, with good harmonisation between alcohol and botanicals, which are predominantly citrus fruits in Andalusia.

The brand uses whole wheat, natural and without genetic manipulation and is distilled in the food mecca of Granada, near Sierra Nevada, using a double distillation process with juniper berries, coriander, angelica root, infusion of tea, orange and lemon peel, and water from the Cazalla region.

ABV: 42%, List Price: £28.00 for a 70cl bottle

Sorel Barcelona

Born in 1875, this gin pays homage to these early years with the original recipe for our first ever dry gin recovered and brought back to life.  The Sorel Gin is based on a high-quality grain alcohol with notes of juniper taking on a leading role, giving it a dry and aromatic flavour.

ABV: 37.5%, List Price: £16.00 for a 70cl bottle

Level Gin

Level Gin is produced by Teichenne, S.A., a family company based near Barcelona, dedicated to the production of liqueurs, sprits and derivatives. It was founded in 1956 by the grandfather of the present Manager Marc Teichenné. Level Gin is a triple distilled, multi-award winning gin made from wheat alcohol in which juniper is macerated and distilled in combination with different botanicals, principally cardamom, orange blossom and grapefruit. Highly aromatic with the plentiful floral aromas, combining perfectly with juniper, the name ‘Level’ was chosen to reflect the perfect balance and neutrality of the Gin making it great with a combination of garnishes from orange and lemon to strawberry.

ABV: 44%, List Price: £25.00 for a 70cl bottle

Macaronesian White Gin Canary Islands

Produced in the Canary Islands using naturally occurring Macaronesian botanicals and water filtered through local volcanic rocks, this unique Genever styled-gin is fresh, delicate and perfectly at home when served simply over ice with tonic and lots of lemons.  Packaged in a classic ceramic bottle, composed of organic materials, botanicals used in the gin include juniper, cardamom, angelica, liquorice, lemon peel and orange peel.

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