Go Sober in Style

September 2020

Ten years ago, the mere thought of a great-tasting alcohol-free beer, not to mention, an alcohol-free wine or spirit, would have brought a chuckle and a snigger to your face.

It was far wiser to simply grab a coke, tap water or cup of tea when in the pub, rather than risk the disappointing, insipid low/no alcohol drivel while at the same time taking a ribbing from your mates.

These dreary choiceless Kaliber days are gone and we now live in a brave new no alcohol world, where the volume of alcohol in a drink has become moribund to consumer’s selections and much of the silly stigma of drinking low is no more.

It’s not just drivers, people with health problems and pregnant women who are opting to go low nowadays, everyone is doing it. People are now not just abstaining for a month, for life, for religious reasons or for health, but because they are seriously enjoying the raft of fantastic low and no alcohol products now available.

So, with Go Sober kicking off this October and the festive period, plus Dry January on the horizon, if you haven’t got a quality range of low/no alcohol drinks, it’s time to get your act in gear.

We’re proud to have been driving the quality message in the low/no alcohol industry for the last decade with our Krombacher and vandeStreek beers continuing to lead the way but here are our top tips to take advantage this autumn/winter:

  1. Quality rules – so make sure you try the drinks before you stock them. Try alongside the real thing and if it’s no good, walk on as there is now plenty of variety and choice out there.
  2. Style variation – The low/no beer category is broad and has real depth. Make sure you have a quality lager like Krombacher 0.0% Pils but experiment with different styles.  Real ale and craft beer drinkers will love our vandeStreek IPA or Blueberry Sour.
  3. Promote your offering – it’s no point stocking low/no and then hiding them away in the bottom of the fridge. The category is seeing huge demand even during the pandemic so shout about your offering on menus, signs and online.
  4. Presentation – treat your low alcohol like you would your booze. That means the right glasses, serve, pour, decoration and presentation.
  5. Low/no alcohol drinks can be matched to food and nibbles, just like their higher strength relatives so be creative and ensure staff can up-sell and cross-sell.
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