La Prima Prosecco Launches

October 2019

With the festive fizz season around the corner, we’re delighted to announce that our new La Prima Prosecco Extra Dry DOC has landed and is now available to the trade.

Produced by a group of passionate farmers, growers and winemakers, the Cantina Vigna Verde winery has over 40 year’s experience of producing high class wines made with respect for nature but with a modern approach.

Based in the north-east of Italy, in the municipality of Fiume Veneto, the region has a deep history and tradition in winemaking, especially Prosecco.

The new La Prima (11% abv) offers incredible value, versatility and quality making it the perfect sparkling wine for light, informal and social drinking this festive season.

It has a straw yellow colour with a fabulous floral fragrance and a delicate sweetness, all leading to a harmonious and pleasantly lively finish on the palate.

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