Off The Beaten Track Wines – Nivarius

September 2017

We’ve always appreciated and liked people who do things a bit differently.  The people who don’t mind a bit of extra work in the name of creating something unique and producing drinks where taste quality comes before everything else.

Our wine producer Nivarius is the perfect example of this.  While in Rioja, the majority were concentrating on reds, reds, reds, these guys were saying, “Let’s just make white wine.”  They even took it a step further a few years ago as well when they said, “Let’s also make beer in the middle of our Riojan vineyard” but that’s another story.

Based in Nalda, 17km from Logrono, Nivarious translates as “Snowdrift” and their wines always have a snow theme.  That’s due to the location of the vineyards, which see cold average temperatures and regular snow in winter. This climate and unique location of the vineyards, which are north-east facing and 800 metres above sea level provides the incredibly fresh, fruity and aromatic grapes that characterise the wine.

Actually the world’s biggest producer of Tempranillo Blanco, the winery has a Rioja DO but is different than most in the region in that it only produces white wines.  The winery has 11 hectares dedicated to Tempranillo Blanco and produces its wine with an obsession for protecting its grapes from oxidation and preserving the varietal character from vine to bottle.

In 2009, the innovative winery planted Maturana Blanca vines which is the oldest grape variety known in Rioja, mentioned as early as 1622.  The variety is now being rediscovered so it’s definitely one for the trade to try at ProjectHOME. The three wines being showcased by the winery include:

Nivei (meaning snow) is a blend made with a base of Tempranillo Blanco (70%) and Viura (20%) complimented with the Verdejo, Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc, Malvasia and Maturana Blanca varietals.  Once fermentation has finished, each varietal is left on the lees for two months before blending.   Nivei is straw yellow in colour with a green hue and offers an intense bouquet filled flavour with floral, citrus and stone fruit notes.  Crisp and dry on entry, the wine is well structured with a balanced acidity and a winter morning freshness.

Nivarius – Tempranillo Blanco (100%) is fermented in 3500 ltr French oak vats and aged on the lees for 7 months. Its medium intense nose is marked by flowers, white fruit and fennel; the complex palate has a very rounded feel with a final crispness that lengthens the palate to a long spicy aftertaste. Production is only 13,000 bottles.

Nivarius – Maturana Blanca.  It has light spice notes with layers of intense tropical fruit. Its crispness lends an elegant freshness with excellent ageing potential to 2020. 6,000 bottles made.

The Nivarious wines will be available to taste at the ProjectHOME event which takes place from 10-8pm at Manchester’s art and culture hub – HOME, 2 Tony Wilson Place, First Street, Manchester, M15 4FN.  The event will also feature:

  • The latest launch from Sweden’s infamous Pang Pang brewery
  • A ‘Best of Northern Spain’ tasting featuring wine, beer and Sidra
  • A ‘Spanish Craft Beer’ showcase including a selection of the coolest breweries from Spain, Basque and Catalonia.
  • A #Pourfection session to test people’s perfect serve skills with Germany’s Krombacher brewery plus a special low alcohol tasting

For more information on the ProjectHOME event or to RSVP a place, please email or call 0845 070 4310.  You can follow us on twitter to be updated with the latest news @Morgenrot_Group #ProjectHOME


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