Avalon Sidra ~ 30l Keg

Trabanco have been a proud family business since 1925, synonymous with quality craft cider. They own over 80 hectares of orchards growing traditional apple varieties in the Spanish cider heartland of Asturias, North West Spain.

Recently added to the Trabanco range Avalon is a semi dry cider and offers, at 5.5%, a smooth and fruity leisure drink.

Trabanco are part of the ATRIA (Association of Integrated Therapies in Agriculture) and belong to AACOMASI (Asturian Association of Cider Apple Growers). Certification by the Quality Guarantee Assurance Authority proves that the Sidra has been produced and fermented naturally, and made using traditional methods and apples. This ensures a pure 100% Asturias Sidra, which is completely natural and authentic.

Tasting Notes:

The slow release of fine bubbles forms an attractive and persistent lacy head. Clean aromas of green apple shine through backed with hints of balsam. The fruit has a wonderful balance between crispness and sweetness making it refreshingly tasty.

About the Brand


Avalon Sidra is produced by Spanish cider makers Trabanco – now in their 4th generation. They have picked up more than 50 international awards in the past decade.