BeerCat Siete Vidas Kölsch ~ 30l keg

Kölsch is a specialty beer only brewed in Cologne: the Kölsch Convention of 1986 determined that it is not only a type of beer, but also a Designation of Origin.

This less well known and slightly confusing beer is now offered as a ‘Kölsch style’ by a number of craft brewers. Technically an ale, as it is brewed with top fermenting yeast, stylistically it is more akin to a lager (and can be cold-conditioned like one).

Light to medium in body with a soft mouthfeel and a straw yellow or pale gold colour, Kölsch has a spicy, herbal Noble hop bitterness that is medium to slightly assertive—less than a Pilsner, but not by much. A somewhat fruity or vinous quality and a crisp, dryish finish make up the rest of the flavour profile.

Siete Vidas – seven lives – references Spanish cats having only seven, not nine, lives. 7% of profits go to ADAP a local animal rescue shelter.
Tasting Notes:

Brewed with a German Ale yeast and German hops, this has a slight haze with a fruity nose and malty palate. Easy drinking with moderate carbonation, the finish is soft, rounded and smooth.

The beer pairs with, of course, tapas and bratwurst but also nutty cheeses and lighter desserts like apricot cake.

About the Brand

Beer Cat

Beer Cat has been brewing since 2013 and was set up with help from Manchester’s Cloudwater head brewer James Campbell, The whole vibrant craft beer revolution in Spain can actually be traced back to 1992 when Liverpudlian ex-pat Steve Huxley opened the ill-fated brew-pub, the Barcelona Brewing Company. Though recently big brands such as Brewdog and Mikkeller have moved in, there is plenty of interest and activity on the micro level.

BeerCat is based in Vilafranca del Penedès, the capital of the Penedès wine and Cava region situated about 40km from Barcelona. The brewery is housed in a former wine bodega and draws inspiration from the surrounding countryside and viticulture to develop a niche range of beers.