Eichbaum Dunkel ~ 50l Keg

Dunkel is Eichbaum’s Schwarzbier – a dark lager brewed to a traditional recipe.

IBU 28

Eichbaum dates from 1679; a Walloon, Jean du Chène established a brewery with its own tavern, which he named Eichbaum – his surname in German (oak tree in English). It is the oldest brewery in Mannheim, and although it has been at different locations since, its headquarters have always been in the city and it is one of the leading breweries in Baden-Württemberg.

Tasting Notes:

A dark beer with an emphasis on a nose of aromatic roasted-malt notes. Initial, light fruity flavours lead into a taste that combines sweet malt and caramel with raisins and chocolate; the finish is tangy and mild with a slight bitterness.

About the Brand


Eichbaum beers are brewed strictly according to the Reinheitsgebot (purity law) of 1516; the oldest, still valid food law in the world. According to it, only malt, hops, yeast and water may be used to brew beer giving Eichbaum a distinctive quality and taste.