vandeStreek Fruit Machine Low-Alcohol Fruit Beer ~ 33cl

vandeStreek’s third low alcohol beer – after the success of Playground IPA and Bock Jy of Bock Ik.

It is brewed from Amarillo and Cascade hops, flavoured with raspberry and blueberry but with a fashionable ‘ sour’ style. The low alcohol is achieved by using a very unique yeast and specially installed brewing equipment.

IBU 20


Tasting Notes:

Hazy pink-grapefruit colour with a creamy head. A vinous nose has understated light berried fruit aromas but manages some mouth watering anticipation of a taste that is initially of sharp, sherbet tartness that then is supplemented with more fruit. neither hops nor berries dominate. Its sour character is balanced by acidity not sweetness, giving a thirst quenching astringency and dry aftertaste.



About the Brand

vandeStreek Brouwerij

vandeStreek Brouwerij is a new craft brewery based in Utrecht in the Netherlands. The beers are modern, full of flavour, challenging and creative – above all, top quality.

After viewing Brewdog’s ‘Sink the Bismarck’ video (at that time the world’s strongest beer – 41%abv) brothers Sander and Ronald Van de Streek started home brewing in 2010. Production was still just 50 ltr per brew in May 2013 when their beers were introduced to the public at the Utretch Beer Brewers Festival.

By 2016 a crowdfunding campaign allowed Ronald and Sander to become full time brewers, settle on a core range of beers and draw up plans for their own brewery, which opened for production in 2017.

vandeStreek brew a core range of seven beers including the Playground Non Alcoholic IPA. Then, in addition, they brew a ‘special’ every other month, complemented by both collaborations and ‘Barrel Aged’ beers from their growing stock of barrels.