Prepper Double IPA 24 x 33cl

When the world as we know collapses:
Your Prepper friends will have 50 meters of paracord, 4 types of water purifiers, one of those little radios that you crank a lever on to listen to a distorted version of The End by The Doors, a saw blade machete, Nude pics of Bear Grylls, $500 in small bills, a Ruger 10/22 takedown rifle, Antibiotics, Paper clips, a sewing kit, a slingshot, a Forsheda A4 gas mask, and canned tuna.You will have beer:
Strong, hoppy survival beer.In other words, you will be celebrated as a king, and have everything you ever wished for in eternity. Or at least until you run dry. At that point you are welcome to be my humble servant as I rebuild society one fermentation at the time.”

Tasting Notes:

Strong, hoppy survival beer. When the world as we know it disintegrates as society collapses, this little beauty is all you need to pass the time until the new world rises.

About the Brand

Pang Pang

Based in Hökarängen, in the south of Stockholm, Pang Pang kick-started the Swedish wave of craft brewing when Fredrik built the brewery in 2010.