Karrikiri Blanco

A light and lively wine from this good ‘value for money’ region of Spain.

Campos de Enanzo takes its name from the Navarran word “enanzar” which is to be lively, energetic and painstaking at work. The growers and winemakers have been working with “enanzo” in the vineyards and winery for more than fifty years.

Ideal growing conditions join forces with the age-old, Navarrese, winemaking tradition, which have been handed down from generation to generation and is now scrupulously cared for by the Designation of Origin Navarra.

Grape Varieties:
Tasting Notes:

Grapes are harvested at optimum ripeness which helps achieve an attractive, bright, refreshing wine that is delicate yet possessing an intense nose with fruity and citrus aromas.


About the Producer

Campos de Enanzo

Founded in 1958, Bodegas Campos de Enanzo is a co-operative in the town of Murchante, located in the southernmost part of the D.O. in an area called “La Ribera Baja”, meaning the lower river – south of the Ebro. Currently there are 269 “socios” who are shareholders in the operation, cultivating 750ha of vines.

The co-operative was one of the pioneers in re-modelling its vineyards, ensuring they were predominantly planted with noble varieties such as Tempranillo, Cabernet Sauvignon, Viura and Chardonnay. In the last few years it has made significant investments in the latest technologies with the aim of improving grape reception and winemaking facilities.


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