Nivarius Maturana Blanca

Another exceedingly rare grape from Nivarius’ single varietal range. Maturana Blanca is the oldest grape variety known in Rioja, mentioned as early as 1622 and now being rediscovered. Nivarius’ vines were planted in 2009. Only 6,000 bottles were made of the 2015 vintage, which as some ageing potential..

Bodegas Nivarius is the only winery in La Rioja to produce solely white wines.


Grape Varieties:
Maturana Blanca
Tasting Notes:

Light spice notes with layers of intense tropical fruit. Its crispness lends an elegant freshness with excellent ageing potential to 2020.

Organic Practices , Vegan , Vegetarian

About the Producer

Bodegas Nivarius

Nivarius translates as ‘ice house’ or ‘snow-drift’ and references the common sight in the vineyards in winter. The name Nivei means ‘snow’. Bodegas Nivarius is the only winery in La Rioja to produce solely white wines. Its 11ha of vineyards dedicated to Tempranillo Blanco – a genetic mutation of a single red vine discovered in 1988 – is the largest planting in the world.

Based in Nalda, 17km from Logroño, the La Nevera and Valdecabos vineyards are north facing and 800m above sea level. This aspect and height gives cooler than average temperatures and helps produce highly aromatic, fresh and fruity grapes.

Navarius is dedicated to showcasing and restablishings Riojas more unusual grapes. Winemaking is dedicated to preserving the characteristics of the different varietals. To prevent oxidation during pressing, a membrane is used to cover the grapes throughout. Each block is vinified separately, with maceration times and fermentation temperature adjusted to squeeze the most varietal expression from the grapes.


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