Chile - Limari

Limarí Valley is one of the most exciting and innovative wine-producing regions in Chile. The valley is located 290 miles north of Santiago, in the middle section of the Coquimbo region

Just 20 km from the Pacific its climate is influenced by not only the ocean – much more than most other coastal regions – but also the nearby Andes and the arid Atacama Desert (the driest place on earth).

Vines were first planted here in the mid-16th century and used to make Piscos, a brandy. International varietals – Sauvignon, Chardonnay, Pinot and Syrah – were introduced in the 1990 as the climate was noted as being similar to Marlborough in New Zealand.

With the vineyards planted at low altitudes, the Pacific Ocean has a strong influence on the region with the cooling Camanchaca, a fog that enters the valley from the west each morning and retreats as the sun rises over the Andes from the east. With less than 4 inches of rainfall per year, drip irrigation is used, minimally, to water the vines that grow in the mineral-rich soil. The combination creates fresh wines with a distinct mineral edge.