Spain - Monsant

Montsant located in the province of Tarragona in Catalonia, North East Spain. It was previously known as the Falset subzone of Tarragona DO, and was created as Montsant in 2001. It is virtually completely surrounds the more famous hill of Priorat, but given a separate DO because, though it doesn’t have the soil and micro climate of its illustrious neighbour, it produces far better wines that those of low land Tarragona.

There are currently about 1900 ha of Montsant vineyards and with the DO the region has seen rapid growth, starting with 28 official cellars in 2002 and now around 60. Many Priorat producers have set up to take advantage of the lower land prices.

Vineyards range from 200 to 700 meters in altitude and sit on three main soil types: chalky clay, granitic sand, and slate. The climate is Mediterranean with continental influences: summers are dry and annual rainfall is about 650mm, falling mainly in autumn.

The main style of Montsant is powerful red wines, which can be similar to the wines of Priorat when they are made from old vine Grenache and Carignan. Approximately 94% of the production is of red wine.