Spain - Toro

Toro is the Denominación de Origen (DO) for wines coming from the south east corner of province of Zamora, which is in the northwest of Castile and Léon and adjoining to the west of Rueda.

Toro is one of the driest areas of Spain with annual average rainfall of 12” – historically producing some of the weightiest reds in the country mainly from the Tinta del Torro grape, the local name for Tempranillo.

Wine has been made in Toro since the end of the 1st century BC and importantly survived the phylloxera crisis, which did not affect the local vines as they were protected by the sandy soil. For this reason, the vines of other regions of Spain were replaced by vines from Toro. Toro still has a number of very old vineyards with pre-phylloxera Tinta de Toro.

There are 8,000 ha under vines, of which 5,500 are registered with the DO that was created in 1987.


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