Chono Sauvignon Blanc

Chono was pioneered by Sutil’s famous winemaker Alvaro Espinoza. He was awarded the International Wine Challenge “Wine Personality of the Year” in 2007. Over time he developed a wine philosophy that Chile had exceptional regional potential that required very specific planting and matching of grape to soil.

Chono wines represent the nomadic spirit of viticulture that invites us on an adventure through Chile’s fi nest terroirs in constant search for new places and experiences. These wines come from specifi c blocks of vineyards in the Limarí, Casablanca, Colchagua, and Maipo Valleys.

Chono is, therefore, a proposition of terroirs, where each variety comes from very careful lot selection of the best grapes from the best regions.

They are Single Vineyard wines of great expression that lead consumers to an amazing journey along the most important and well-known D.O.s of Chile.

Tasting Notes:

An extremely expressive nose with aromas of
grapefruit, asparagus and green pepper. It is juicy and
very fresh with a pleasant and balanced crispness.