Cumal Prieto Picudo

Prieto Picudo is a rare grape varietal. Virtually unique to Castilla y Leon, its name translates as “dark, pointed”, it is used to create both deeply pigmented reds and light rosés. In the former it provides big tannins, retains good acidity and responds well to oak ageing.

Prieto Picudo grows best in difficult terrains, hot and dry being its preference as it has a high degree of drought resistance. Here it is grown on a plateau of clay and chalk over river flints at a height of 850m. Dominio Dostares has some exceptional vineyards, within its 15ha it has vines between 80 and 115 years old including the largest area of hundred-year-old vines still found in the region of Los Oteros.

Cumal’s vineyards are clay and limestone over river flints, simply fertilised with just sheep manure and each vine yields 3kg. Fermentation is with natural yeasts in stainless steel tanks for 28 days before ageing in 225lt oak casks.

Tasting Notes:

Aged for 12 months in French and American oak plus another 12 months in the bottle this is a full wine with aromas of red and black berries, rose, almonds and pistachios. A dense palate very dry with big tannins and plenty of ripe wild berries.