La Fea Gran Reserva

Truly well made, oak-aged reds are no longer just the province of Rioja and Ribera del Duero.

La Fea Gran Reserva is a blend of 50% Tempranillo, 40% Garnacha and 10% Cabernet Sauvignon  aged 24 months in American and French oak.

La Fea was the nickname of “Isabel The Catholic” as she was known, the Queen of Castille (1474-1504) and of Aragon (1479-1504). Unfortunately, she wasn´t very pretty and she was not initially popular with the people. However, through her genuine care for her subjects she became renowned and much loved. Their marriage became the basis of the unification of Spain.

Like the Queen, “La Fea” is a range of wines that are powerful and with character!. “La Fea” is an honest wine, clear, that keeps inside a world of sensations to discover, the rootedness to land and the “good-work” of its people along the years.

By closely working with Bodegas Panizo, Morgenrot, have created to exceptional value Reserva and Gran Reserva wines.

Tasting Notes:

Smooth, harmonious and elegant with subdued tannins, it has a refined finish bursting with vanilla oak and fruity wild red berries