Luna Creciente Albarino

‘Luna Creciente’ came about because of a road trip by Luis and Carlos Barrero. In June 1993 they borrowed their fathers beloved old red Seat 128 car to drive to Santiago.

Nearing their destination, on a local road in the Rías Baixas region, an inopportune flat tyre obliged them to stop and take a walk under the stars to seek help. They come to an old farmhouse surrounded by vineyards. They knock on the door in desperation and a man opens it. The man offers them shelter and two glasses of wine which he says he harvests and produces using his own methods. There, in that small winery, they discover the gem that would become the first wine in their portfolio.

Tasting Notes:

Made using traditional methods to maintain Albariño’s wonderful character whilst leaving a delicious sensation in the mouth. Crisp and floral, melon and stone fruit flavours with a coastal minerality.