Micaela Oloroso

Micaela Oloroso is a dry sherry, the prferred style in Spain and unlike the sweetened versions that dominate the UK market.

It is towards the top for fortification and oxidisation the the various types of sherry – Micaela is aged 4-5 years.
and should be served at 12°C – 14°C.

Micaela is the new design for the entry level range from Bodegas Barón. With a distinct and deliberate move away from a traditional image, Barón are expressing themselves with ultra-modern stylings.

The design represents a piece of woven cloth: the petals are those of the Passion flower – to symbolise the passion they have for their wines and the passion customers have for them.


Tasting Notes:

Deep and rich with lively aromas of orange peel, almonds and hazelnuts. The taste is dry and powerful rather than sweet with a sharp and crisp finish.