Painted Wolf ‘The Den’ Chenin Blanc

Painted Wolf was founded by Jeremy and Emma Borg whose winemaking adventures began in 2005 with a friend offering some grapes that were surplus to requirements. Their ‘home fermentation’ experiment has led, via the help of winemaking experts and international finance, to a full time operation.

Painted Wolf is now the preferred name for South Africa’s Wild Dog.

The winery both supports the conservation of this species and draws inspiration from it – the wines, like the animal, are colourful, energetic and balanced in full fl ight.

With a shared philosophy and passion Painted Wolf donate 5% of their turnover to TUSK, a long established charity helping the rarest and most endangered of Africa’s animals including the dwindling numbers of African Wild Dogs.

Painted Wolf do not own their own cellar but make a ‘den’ in a winery which can change from vintage to vintage. ‘The pack’ is made of growers who provide the grapes and wine makers who give assistance. Fruit is sourced from Kasteelsig in Swartland, (one of the most highly rated vineyards in South Africa), Devon Hills in Stellenbosch and Southern Cross and Leeuwenkuil, in Paarl, the latter is the current home to the ‘den’.

Tasting Notes:

Blended from three distinct batches – cold fermented,
oak contact and signifi cant lees contact. The result has
a great texture and a long layered fi nish.