Prepper Double IPA 24 x 33cl Craft Beer

When the world as we know collapses:
Your Prepper friends will have 50 meters of paracord, 4 types of water purifiers, one of those little radios that you crank a lever on to listen to a distorted version of The End by The Doors, a saw blade machete, Nude pics of Bear Grylls, $500 in small bills, a Ruger 10/22 takedown rifle, Antibiotics, Paper clips, a sewing kit, a slingshot, a Forsheda A4 gas mask, and canned tuna.You will have beer:
Strong, hoppy survival beer.

In other words, you will be celebrated as a king, and have everything you ever wished for in eternity. Or at least until you run dry. At that point you are welcome to be my humble servant as I rebuild society one fermentation at the time.”

Tasting Notes:

Strong, hoppy survival beer. When the world as we know it disintegrates as society collapses, this little beauty is all you need to pass the time until the new world rises.