Avalon Sidra is produced by Spanish cider makers Trabanco – now in their 4th generation. They have picked up more than 50 international awards in the past decade.

Trabanco have since 1925 been a proud family business, synonymous with quality craft cider. They own over 100 hectares of orchards in the Spanish cider heartland of Austuria, growing traditional apple varieties. These are selected and prepared using only traditional methods unchanged for centuries; the juice is fermented with indigenous yeasts, in accordance to the guidelines for “Naturally Fermented Quality Cider”.

In the early 1990s Trabanco was one of the first companies to incorporate winemaking practices into cider production, such as employing the first equivalent of an oenologist. This improved analysis and method, helping avoid inadequate or excessive treatments, has resulted in acclaimed consistency and quality.

They operate out of two ‘llagares’ – the first the original one dating from 1925, the second opened in 2010 is state of the art. Trabanco are part of the ATRIA (Association of Integrated Therapies in Agriculture) and belong to AACOMASI (Asturian Association of Cider Apple Growers).