1. Always wear gloves and safety glasses. Make sure others are aware that line cleaning is in progress.

2. Rinse out cleaning bottle in order to remove any debris – then refill with clean cold water.

3. Switch off the cooler

4. Move the lever to the Off position on each gas valve

5. Remove the kegs heads from the kegs and fit to corresponding cleaning sockets on the wall

6. Move the Cleaning Pump gas valve to the On position

7. Make sure gas supply is turned on at the cylinder

8. Bleed the fob chambers to replace beer with fresh water

9. Open one beer tap at a time on bar fully; flush all beer from line until tap is dispensing clean water.

10. Add Pipline Indicator Beer line cleaner and water to cleaning vestal to the ration on the bottle

11. Bleed the fob champers to replace the water with purple line cleaning mixture.

12. Return to bar taps and open each one filly until purple line cleaner is dispensed

13. Wait 10 minutes, return to taps and dispense more cleaner, equal to the known beer in the lines

14 .Ensure there is enough line cleaning solution in the cleaning bottle, top up if needed with the correct strength of water and cleaner

15. Repeat #13 , wait 10 minutes and repeat again.

16. Rinse out the cleaning bottle with fresh cold water and full to the top with water

17. Bleed the fob detectors until the cleaning solution is replaced with clean water

18. Open each beer tap fully and dispense until clean water is flowing.

19. Turn gas off at Cleaning Pump, remove keg couplers form cleaning sockets and fit back on kegs,

20. Turn gas back on at each keg gas valve.

21. Bleed water from each fob detector until chamber is full of beer, ensure pledger is pulled down.

22. Open each beer tap and dispense until beer appears at tap

23. Switch Cooler back on, check water level in cooler and vents are free of obstructions.