1. Always wear gloves and safety glasses. Make sure others are aware that line cleaning is in progress.

2. Rinse out cleaning bottle in order to remove any debris – then refill with clean cold water.

3. Re-attach bottle top and fit keg coupler to top of the cleaning bottle.

4. Make sure gas supply is turned on.

5. Open tap fully; flush all beer from line until tap is dispensing clean water.

6. Remove the coupler from cleaning bottle.

7. De-gas the cleaning bottle by using the valve on the side, now remove the bottle top.

8. Mix the cleaning fluid to recommended volume using more water if required. Never exceed the recommended dilution rate.

9. Replace the cleaning bottle top.

10.Replace coupler onto bottle making sure the gas is turned on.

11.Draw the cleaning fluid up line until dispensing from tap.

12.Draw fresh fluid up through tap every 10 mins about 2 pints at a time

13.After 30 min pull all cleaning fluid out of bottle until bottle is empty.

14.Remove coupler, de-gas cleaning bottle and remove the top.

15.Rinse cleaning bottle out and refill with fresh clean water

16.Replace bottle top and keg coupler and make sure gas is turned on

17.Open tap and draw all cleaning fluid out of line until tap is running fresh clean water.

18.Pull 8 to 10 pints of fresh water through tap after all cleaning fluid has been removed

19.Re-connect coupler to keg, Open the tap until all water has been drawn through and the lager is being dispensed. Check smell and look of beer before tasting.