Starnberger Hell – 30lt

Delivering a refreshingly modern interpretation of Bavarian beers and their culture, this new craft brewery’s core product is an authentically Bavarian speciality lager – Starnberger Hell.

Brewed according to the German Purity Law with only the finest local ingredients, Starnberger Hell (4.8% abv) is an easy-drinking, fine-flavoured and refreshing Bavarian lager.

Starnberger was awarded the highly respected DLG Gold seal for excellent quality for the third time in 2024. Starnberger’s expansion from the German domestic market follows a successful pilot in Italy in 2023, the beer will now be exported to various markets across Europe.

IBU 15

Tasting Notes:

A refreshing and citrus character. It is, at the first sip, delicately tart, then reveals wheat notes balanced in harmony with the lime citrus notes of the hops and the malty honey aromas. Full-bodied, restrained bitterness with a round taste and a golden shine

Starnberger Hell’s delicate taste is great at complimenting lighter dishes – this lager is fabulous with prawns and shellfish, grilled chicken, vegetable kebabs, light summer salads and seasonal desserts.

Top match: red prawns with a lemon and honey emulsion and marinated cavolo nero; poached pears with pain d’épice ice cream.

About the Brand


Located on and taking its name from the famously idyllic Lake Starnberg in Bavaria, the Starnberger Brewery has helped to create new excitement in Germany’s traditional brewing scene since launching its first beers in 2016.

The Starnberger brewery prides itself on a craft approach to brewing and maturation, where creativity and tradition meet. Only the finest natural, locally sourced ingredients are accepted. This includes pure water from deep wells in the lush surroundings of Lake Starnberg, hops from the Hallertau region and malt from two Bavarian malthouses.

Initially based in Berg, a small village 35km south-west of Bavaria’s capital Munich, the brewery saw stunning growth and in just five years it had outgrown the space.  At the time of its relocation to Feldafing, on the other side of Lake Starnberg in 2020, the brewery began a partnership with the Krombacher Brewery to increase distribution and impact across Germany and in international markets. This has increased output form 6,000hL in 2019 to 44,000hL in 2022.