Unibroue Blanche de Chambly ~ 34.1cl

Belgium style Witbier (wheat beer) – this was the original beer brewed by Unibroue in 1993 and was North America’s first ‘Abbey’ inspired beer.

A light and refreshing blend of pale barley malt, unmalted Quebec wheat, spices and natural herbs (including coriander and orange peel).

Named in honour of Fort Chambly, the proud emblem of Quebec city where the beer is brewed, it has received no less than 34 international medals including the “Best White Beer in the World”.

Unibroue beers are unpasturised and unfiltered with a secondary fermentation in the bottle – these “live” craft beers stand out for their unique and stylish taste.

IBU – 10


Tasting Notes:

Light straw coloured and poring with a thick head it has a subtle bouquet of spices with citrus notes, aromas of yeasty bread, coriander and cloves. Orange and spices are the main flavours with good sugar/acidity balance and a honey finish.

Beer and food pairings: Ideal with poultry, white fish, mussels, salmon tartare, butter asparagus, goat cheese or gruyere. But also in preparation of Crepe Suzette pancakes!

About the Brand


Unibroue is a pioneering craft brewery in Quebec, Canada.

History was made in 1993 with the launch of Blanche de Chambly – the first ‘Witbeer’ (wheat beer) from North America brewed in the Belgian tradition and refermented in the bottle. This ‘Abbey’ inspired beer was followed by Maudite ‘Dubbel’ – the first strong beer in Canada – and then, after 18 months of research and development, the first ‘Triple’ – La Fin du Monde in 1994.

They are Canada’s most highly rated brewery with over 400 worldwide awards to date.

The origins date to 1990 during the fast growing ‘craft beer’ movement when André Dion founded Unibroue with the idea of uniting Quebec’s microbreweries for distribution throughout Canada. When this ambitious project fell through he joined Serge Racine by investing in La Brasserie Massawippi, merging with Unibroue in 1992 and moving to Chambly the following year – opening a state of the art brewery there and further major investment was forthcoming in the following years.

Their passion for Trappist and Abbey beers was furthered in 2003 when Belgium trained Jerry Vietz joined and who still remains their Brewmaster.

Unibroue use fresh yeast with every brew and understanding the importance of yeast strains have an internationally recognised laboratory dedicated solely to the cultivation and maintenance of their own yeasts.

Production and distribution increased when Unibroue was purchased by Sleeman in 2004.

To reduce their ecological footprint, 99.19% of the materials generated by the factory are recycled or upcycled.