Unibroue La Fin do Monde Abbey Triple ~ 34.1cl

A rich and sophisticated golden ‘Belgium-style Tripel’ which has earned several international titles thanks to its refined taste marked by notes of fruit and spice, supported by a slight bitterness.

It is a tribute to the land encountered by 16th-century French explorers who thought they’d reached the end of the world – which was Quebec.

Brewed since February 1994, Fin du Monde was the result of 18 months of research and experimentation before release. It has over 35 international awards… and is one of the most famous craft beers from Canada.

IBU 19.

Tasting Notes:

Floral ‘bready’ bouquet, with aromas of honey, spices, coriander and malt. It’s mildly hoppy palate has fruit and spice followed by a smooth, dry finish. A perfect balance of sweetness, bitterness, spices and alcohol.

Beer and food pairings: Ideal with sausages, quiches and omelettes, fatty fish (salmon, trout), seafood (oysters, mussels, scallops), ratatouille; but also with cheddar, parmesan and blue cheese.

About the Brand


In 1990-91 Andre Dion and Serge Racine joined the fast growing ‘craft beer’ movement by investing as majority shareholders in the financially troubled La Brasserie Massawippi of Lennoxville. They merged with Unibroue in 1992 and partnered with a Belgium brewery to launch Blanche de Chambly, North America’s first ‘Abbey’ inspired beer.

 In 1993 they moved into a new, cutting edge, brewery in Chambly, Quebec, and further major investment was forthcoming in the following years. Their passion for Abbey beers was furthered in 2001 when Belgium trained brewmaster Paul Arnott joined.

Production and distribution of their beers increased when Unibroue was purchased by Sleeman in 2004.

Unibroue is Canada’s most highly awarded brewery with over 265 awards to date.