Windhoek Lager ~ 33cl

Windhoek is a 100% pure beer that adheres to the Reinheitsgebot (German Purity) Law. It is a thirst quenching Premium lager from one of the world driest countries.

IBU 21

Windhoek’s adherence to the Reinheitsgebot Law is reinforced by Master Brewer Christian Mueller who studied for 15 years in Germany and is dedication to uphold the values. It takes 5 weeks of brewing and conditioning before the lagers are released for sale.

Unable to grow hops in the country they are imported from Germany’s Hallertau region, malt barley is sourced from a handful of selected suppliers in Germany and a German yeast strain is used. Water, a precious resource in a desert country, is drawn from a private storage dam 47 miles from the brewery.

Windhoek and its owners NBL have a strong commitment towards the environment and wildlife. They are major supporters of rhino conservation, previously funding a Piper Cub plane to help the fight against rhino horn poaching.


Tasting Notes:

A full-bodied lager with a high proportion of malt; slightly more bitter than other lagers it pours with a beautiful foam head which makes it so distinctive.

About the Brand


Windhoek is a thirst quenching beer from one of the world’s driest countries. It is fast becoming an international brand, currently enjoyed in the United Kingdom, Europe, Australia and many parts of Africa: a beer known and appreciated for its pure, honest taste and reliable authenticity.