5th Gin – Fire Red Fruit

Destilerías del Maresme (DMB) was born in 1875  as a small distillery in Barcelona, established by the French manufacturer Morel y Bas under the name of Sorel. Quickly, Sorel spirit drinks became popular among residents of Barcelona and the coastal towns in the province.

In 1947, the Soler family acquired the distillery with the aim of expanding the brand and supporting craft distilling. This way, Sorel began a period of expansion and quality improvement, always considering the Mediterranean essence as the spearhead. The manufacturing plant was moved to the coastal area of El Maresme.

In the sixties, the artisan production process and the high-quality products began to stand out among the spirit drinks and liquors of the country.

From 1989 to 2006, the foundations for the current distillery were laid.

Tasting Notes:
Bright pink colour, with aromas of berries, notes of strawberry and currant on the palate with a slight aftertaste of juniper.