Botivo is a true craft, aperitif inspired, drink with bittersweet, herbal and citrus notes. It sits in its own unique drink’s category.

Loved by sommeliers, chefs and food critics for its unique taste profile, it’s deeply refreshing with a lasting backbone not usually found in non-alcoholic drinks. It adds depth to many cocktails and has enough taste character to be the focus of simple serves.

Its main points of interest are: nothing used other than natural flavourings, no preservatives (cider and honey do this job), a 2 year shelf life -1 year once open, but no need to keep in a fridge. A 50cl bottle gives 20 servings.

Its health benefits include that it is packed with antioxidants, low calorie and unpasteurised, so great for the gut. It is significantly, at 0.1% ABV, not marketed as a low-alcohol drink.

Botivo is a small batch product: 4000 bottles are made with a ‘brew length’ of 4 weeks. Five fresh botanicals – orange zest, rosemary, thyme, gentian and wormwood – are infused, not simply flavoured, in a fermented apple cider vinegar base (sourced from family run orchards in the UK, mainly Devon, and aged for a year to develop maturity). After several weeks and meticulous blending phases, the flavours and natural complexities are balanced out with the addition of wildflower organic honey.

Botivo is best summed up by founder Sam.

“I wanted to make a non-alcoholic drink that was natural and low intervention. After months of research I came across these ancient herbal tonics called oxymels, in which apple cider vinegar and honey were infused with remedial herbs. In the absence of alcohol, this combination offers the perfect medium for aromatic roots, fresh herbs and botanicals to create a complex, non-alcoholic drink with a long and dry finish.”

They are committed to buying British where possible, helping to reduce each bottle’s carbon footprint.

A cocktail recipe booklet is available.


Tasting Notes:
Bittersweet, herbal and citrus with a long finish (if you love negronis you will love Botivo) Serve with soda / sparkling water and a wedge of orange over ice (or it’s also great with tonic). Just don’t make it too strong!