Macaronesian White Gin

Macaronesian White is an ultra-smooth Genever style gin from the Canary Islands. It comes in a ceramic bottle inspired by the bottles of Dutch Jenever that were traditionally sold in pharmacies.

It uses naturally occurring botanicals from Macaronesia (the Atlantic islands that include the Canaries, Azores, Maderia) including juniper, cardamom, angelica, liquorice, lemon peel and orange peel. Tenerife’s forests are home to plenty of juniper trees and the island is famous for its tasty lemons and oranges The water used to make Macaronesian is collected from underground galleries after filtering through plenty of mineral-rich lava rock.

The ceramic bottle is made from local earth and clay and an organic dye is used for printing.

Tasting Notes:
A pleasant mouthfeel and citrus and spice character resulting in a smooth, fruity gin with fresh herbal hints notably juniper and cardamom. It's ideal as a first drink in the evening. As a fresh, almost delicate gin, Macaronesian is best mixed with tonic or as part of a simple cocktail without too much ‘garnish’.