One of the main characteristics of this vermouth is the absence of caramel, allowing it to retain its natural amber colour and recover the essence of the original home-made vermouths.

The main herb used in Dorado Amargo Suave is Artemisia, the traditional starting point in any vermouth. Also added is Gentian, another plant that is commonly used: and this contains what is probably the most bitter substance in the world – amaro-gentian.

The base wine for this vermouth is Macabeo, perfect for the ageing process and the neutral character of this grape means that it does not interfere with the action of the exceptionally bitter herbs used.

The vermouth rests for 9 months in semi-new chestnut barrels before bottling.


Gold Medal – San Francisco World Spirits Competition 2021

Silver Medal – Concurso Internacional de Vinos Bacchus Unión Española de Catadores 2020

Gold – World Vermouth Awards 2019

Silver Medal – International Wine & Spirit Competition 2017

The wine-making origins of the Padro family date back to 1886 and to the village of Brafim (Tarragona), which at the time was a busy agricultural hub. The family still make and bottle all their vermouths, blending their own Mediterranean-style wines with unique infusions of carefully selected herbs and spices. The vermouths are aged for up to 2 years in wooden barrels with a history all of their own, giving each vermouth its own very special character.