Volcanic Gin

Gin Volcànic, an original and unique gin with all the essence of La Garrotxa – the volcanic terrain in the Catalunya region of the Iberian Peninsula.

It is a triple distillate using volcanic stones and pure water from the region with the maceration of the botanicals and green walnuts of Ratafia Russet – a herbal liqueur made by the same company, founded in 1903.

It is produced by three distillations, one of a juniper London Dry Gin, the second of the botanicals used for their Ratafia Russet and thirdly a green walnut infusion. These are then blended.

Volcanic stones which are collected in the region and painstakingly sterilised, as an element to eliminate any build-up of steam and foam inside the still during the distillation process. These elements transfer their nature and the volcanic identity of the region to these distillates.

The distillation process is carefully controlled, with a heating temperature no higher than 130 degrees Celsius and a condensation temperature no greater than 12 degrees Celsius, which helps capture the composition of volatile elements of the maceration, preventing the presence of any unwanted empyreumatic aromas in the final product.

Silver Medal – World Spirits Competition, San Francisco 2018.

Tasting Notes:
The nose has abundant notes of herbs, citrus and balsam with spices such as cardamom more evident than juniper on the nose. These are all reflected in the palate, which is soft and unctuous with slightly biting alcoholic notes due to the high alcohol content, though subtle and refined due to a quality distillation. The finish is highly aromatic, smooth and balanced with ample balsam notes, very long and persisting for some time on the palate with delicate and enveloping flavours of the walnuts and a depth of fine herbs.