Binario Skin Contact Garnacha Blanca

The first, and as yet only, orange wine (from Garnacha Blanca grapes) with a Rioja DO accreditation. Certified Organic and Demeter Bio-dynamic.

Since 1998, the Serrano family – fronted by sisters Ruth de Andrea (winemaker) and Ana de Andrea (manager) has farmed more than 70 ha of certified organic, certified biodynamic, estate vineyards located between Calahorra (Rioja Baga) and, just 10k across the DO divide, Andosilla (Navarra).

The vines range from 20-40 years old and are cultivated using organic matter, both made from animal manure and pruned grapevine shoots, following all biodynamic principles and incorporating their homemade infusions and composts. These traditional farming practices help create nitrogen in the soils which lends for healthy regeneration and growth.

The climate is continental, heavily influenced by the Mediterranean; the soils are of limestone, clay and sand.

The 2023 vintage had low yields – due to frost and other weather issues – but a warm harvest time has conferred high quality and concentration to the grapes.

Hand-picked at night to retain freshness, a majority of the fruit is destemmed into inox where it ferments on the skins for 7-10 days. One pump-over per day is used to keep the cap fresh and maintain natural temperature. After 10 days on the skins, the wine was racked to stainless steel tanks where it naturally finished the primary and secondary fermentation. There were no additives except the SO2 allowable within Demeter Biodynamic guidelines.

The bottle is presented without a capsule to cut down on waste.

Grape Varieties:
Garnacha Blanca
Tasting Notes:

Beautiful golden orange colour. The nose is filled with the ripe apricots, tangerine juice, sultanas, and candid lemons – nothing is quiet about these aromatics! The palate is very dry and yet it’s like eating roasted pineapple-apricot tart. So much complexity and yet so much fun!


Biodynamic , Organic Certified , Vegan , Vegetarian

About the Producer


Navarrsotillo, founded by brothers Andres and Ramon Serrano, is fully committed to Organic and Biodynamic agriculture in the Dos of Rioja and Navarra.

They make their own Biodynamic preparations numbering 500 on the farms, as well as the natural compost to their own specifications; thus promoting the self-sufficiency that is intended in this type of agriculture. The dynamization is always carried out in the open air and on the farm itself; and the preparations are applied according to the needs that the vine shows at each moment of its natural cycle.

Throughout the year, the farm is subject to exhaustive and continuous monitoring. The cycle begins in November with an analysis of the land and a careful pruning process. The soils receive, firstly, nitrogen input through the sowing of green manures and, later, organic matter from crushed vine shoots and biodynamic manures that cover the land during the first months of the year.

The treatments for the prevention of pests and diseases are prolonged between the budding of the vine and the middle of August, always following the parameters set by the natural cycles. In addition, throughout the vegetative cycle of the vine, the humidity of the earth is controlled – work that, together with the monitoring of the ripening of the grapes, enables the proper selection of the fruit to obtain the highest quality in their wines.