Blaufränkisch – Late Harvest

Blaufränkisch is a grape that makes a light  Pinot Noir-like wine, picked as a Late Harvest it has a lot more sweetness (approx. 58 g/L) and lower tannins.

With low tannins it can be served chilled and pairs well with lighter meats with more acidic tomato or vinegar-based sauces – goes with fish, shellfish, chicken, veal, pork and tomato based pasta dishes as well as desserts

Grape Varieties:
Tasting Notes:

Medium sweet, soft, easy drinking, with red berry fruit flavours.

About the Producer

Schloss Koblenz

Wein & Sekthaus Schloss Koblenz is an associated company of Josef Drathen, one of Germany’s leading suppliers of wine.

The Drathen winery has been in family possession for over 100 years whose forefathers originated from the Netherlands making their way to the Moselle via Linz on the Rhine River. The Peter Josef Drathen winery was founded in 1860 with its home in St. Aldegund and was renamed in 1927 as the Josef Drathen winery through settlement of the estate. On the death of the founder Josef Drathen in 1939 the winery was run by his widow Else, her niece Grete Gesthüsen with her husband Hugo until 1969.

On 1 July 1969 the next generation took over and successfully ran the business for about 30 years. By using careful business policies it was possible to open a completely new and modern winemaking facility in the business park on Zell-Barl in 1993. Since 1996 the management of the business has been in the hands of the younger generation of the family represented by Tim Gesthüsen and Jürgen Zirwes.