Campo del Passo Prosecco DOC Extra Dry

Campo del Passo Extra Dry DOC is a superb value, extremely versatile, sparkling wine for light meals or informal and social drinking.

The origins of Prosecco have ancient roots and date back at least as far as Roman times. The success of the wine, even in those ancient days, has given a strong boost to the development of viticulture and oenology in the whole north-east of Italy.

Grape Varieties:
Tasting Notes:

Campo del Passo has a straw yellow colour with a characteristic floral fragrance backed by fruity hints of apricot, pear and apple. It has a noticeable delicate sweetness, then a harmonious, rich and pleasantly lively finish on the palate.

Good as an aperitif, excellent with starters and light main courses such as risotto and vegetable dishes.

About the Producer


C&C was founded in 2001 with the aim to to develop and manage full-scope oenological projects. This has been their achievement.

Over the years they have consolidated the number of wineries they own in some of the most suitable wine-growing areas in Italy. C&C have direct control of every stage of the production chain, and thanks to the experience  acquired, they are a flexible and dynamic outfit.

Currently, C&C has three production sites with wineries owned and located in the north-east and in the south of Italy: in the Delle Venezie DOC area; in the Veneto terroir of Valdobbiadene, where the renowned Prosecco DOCG is produced; and in the areas between Nola and Tufo in Campania, which offer prestigious and ancient grape varieties.