Chateau La Hourcade

Chateau La Hourcade is located in the prestigious Médoc vineyards in the heart of Jau-Dignac et Loirac commune.

Grape Varieties:
Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Petit Verdot
Tasting Notes:

An expressive wine with notes of black fruits and spices and offers a good aromatic presence on the palate with coated tannins.

Perfect with red meats, poultry or a cheese platter.

About the Producer

Gino Cecchini

Château La Hourcade, worked by the third generation of the Cecchini family,is in the northern Médoc, near the village of Jau Dignac Loirac.

In 1940 Italian Septim Cecchini came from the mountainous region near Florence as a ‘Diauayre’ – a local reference to immigrants and their descendants who were brought to North Medoc to build the ‘digues’  (dykes/embankments) protecting the lands from erosion by the estuary and ocean.

After marrying a local woman, he took French nationality and in 1968 moved into the then 43 acres of Château La Hourcade. In 1986 one of his eight sons – Gino – acquired adjacent land and vineyards whilst serving in the French Cavalry.

In 1990 Gino Cecchini left the service and returned home to work in the vineyards with his brother and supervise the creation of Bordeaux wines of excellent quality. He was joined by his youngest son, Florent, who has expanded the estate and taken over from his father management of the business – and is very proud of the family’s Diauayre background.