Corte Pitora Pinot Grigio

Corte Pitora is a premium Pinot Grigio for those looking for a more traditional label.

Grapes are sourced from Veneto’s alluvial plains whose soils are characterised by layers of permeable clay and gravel. They undergo traditional vinification including the use of selected yeasts and by the careful monitoring of fermentation temperatures.

Grape Varieties:
Pinot Grigio
Tasting Notes:

A lovely full and rich style. Straw yellow with greenish hints; aromas of citrus fruit with more delicate scents of apple and peach that combine very well with the honey finish and typical, flavours of stone fruits, lime, lychee with a delicious long-lasting intensity.

A great aperitif wine, it is a good match in particular with fish, grilled vegetables with tasty sauces and sheep’s cheese.

Vegan , Vegetarian

About the Producer

Casa Vinicola Bennati

Casa Vinicola Bennati is an old established house, founded in 1920 by Annibale Bennati, in the area of Cazzano di Tramigna, just a few kilometres from Soave. Annibale was the son of the famous Antonio, or ‘Toni Recioto’ as he was called in honour of the raisin wine of that name.

In this vinicultural heartland, their vineyards are in a prime position and are protected by the surrounding hills. High quality is assured by astute management and hand-picking is still carried out with optimum care.

In the early years the company restricted its activity to producing esteemed local wines, specifically the ageing of Amarone – which are still the flagship wines of the range.

Subsequently, under the winemaking direction of a younger generation of the family, Bennati has extended its interest to international grape varietals and wines from other areas, concentrating on both the character of the region and the quality of varietals.


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