Ginja Ninja Orange Wine

A delicious orange wine made from organic Verdejo grapes which, unlike white wines, are macerated and fermented with their skins to add subtle tannins, citrus flavours, and a characteristic ginger colour. 

The grapes for this wine are sourced from vineyards at an altitude of 700m grown under organic growing criteria in a balanced, caring and sustainable way. The vineyard’s soils –  loam and medium-deep sandy limestone – play a major role which favour rapid assimilation of reincorporated organic matter. This enables full terroir expression.

The grapes from 25 year old vines are hand-harvested. After a gentle pressing, the juice is fermented with their skins. Fermentation at controlled temperature (16º-18ºC), with daily pumping over for the juice to be in contact with skins and to get this characteristic fresh, citric aroma. After fermentation, vatting takes place for 2 months with one gentle pump up per day. This allows us to extract some tannins, something unique in this kind of elaborations. Spontaneous malolactic fermentation follows.



Grape Varieties:
Tasting Notes:

Clean, bright, with amber yellow colour and salmon shades. Fresh fruit aromas and citric notes, pink grapefruit. On the palate the wine is light and smooth something that at the same time contrasts with the presence of the tannins and the powerful but balanced crispness. Rich, full-bodied, fresh and with a citric and vegetal character obtained from the contact with the skins. Long aftertaste.

Excellent with pasta, rice, fish and white meats. Best served at a temperature of 8-10ºC.

No/low sulphites , Organic Certified , Screwcap , Vegan , Vegetarian

About the Producer

Citizen Wine

“Tradition, heritage, history… these are not words that particularly inspire us at Citizen Wine. We prefer words like excitement, enjoyment, change.”

Citizen Wine was set up in 2020, mid lock-down, by a close-knit group of industry experts (including several Masters of Wine) to breathe some much-needed life into an all-too-often rigid and stuffy wine sector.

Every new wine bought on board is an individual project with one common goal in mind… citizen satisfaction.

They believe wine should be made with just one purpose in mind; to be enjoyed not revered, removing the stigma of stuffy, cloned wines and replacing it with an innovative new approach to wine making and marketing.

But they do have “values” – only partnering with producers that are fully committed to sustainability and, wherever possible, source wines that are sustainably grown and organically produced.