Königin Victoriaberg QmP

Joachim Flick Winery is based in the town of Wicker in the Rheingau region. Their acclaimed Strassenmühle estate has a history spanning over 700 years. The Flick family has been in the agricultural and winemaking industry for many generations. The winery business came in greater focus when Joachim Flick took over the reins in 1973 and the Konigin Victoriaberg vineyards were purchased a few years ago.

Konigin Victoriaberg has an interesting history. It acquired its name after Queen Victoria and Prince Albert attended a wine tasting at the Hochheim am Main vineyard in 1845. Thanks to her enthusiasm she allowed to give her name to one of the most beautiful and best vineyard in the area. As a commemoration, an English neo-Gothic monument (pictured on the label) was erected amongst the vines.

Grape Varieties:
Tasting Notes:

A superb example of an elegant and subtle Riesling. It has a light petal nose with stone fruits – apricot and peach – coming through on the palate and refreshing lime on a long finish yet with enough richness to develop with age.


About the Producer

Joachim Flick