Libalis Moscatel/Viura

Libalis is an unusual blend of Moscatel de Grano Menudo, Viura and Malvasía creating a modern, complex, off-dry wine.

Launched in 2002, Libalis is a unique wine, capable of fascinating consumers with its unique packaging, as well as surprising and seducing the most demanding connoisseurs. Beyond the label is a bottle full of clear, fresh nectar.

Produced mostly from Moscatel, this ancient grape variety is no longer recognised by the DO Rioja and so can’t be sold as such. Valles de Sadacia is a sub region created in 2003 which can only produce white wines and all have to include the Moscatel grape.

Libalis is especially suitable to drink in good, adventurous company, whether with friends, family or your partner, at any time of the day or night. It pairs perfectly with any type of seafood or fish. It is great for a light lunch or dinner, as it is very light, fresh and easy to drink and it asks for another sip with a good meal.

Grape Varieties:
Malvasia, Moscatel, Viura
Tasting Notes:

A deep, elegant, fragrant and floral bouquet. In the mouth it is an explosion of taste; silky-smooth, fruity; medium bodied and well-balanced with a long and pleasant off-dry aftertaste.


About the Producer

Castillo de Maetierra

Castillo de Maetierra, producers of Libalis, is the brainchild of the innovative and exciting Spanish wine producers Vintae. They are not just a wine company, they represent a new way of experiencing wine:

“Only by dreaming of revolutionising the wine world will we be able to do so”.

Vintae are based in the more conservative La Rioja, but with Libalis they are experimenting with the non-traditional in the sub region of Valles de Sadacia which can only produce white wines that have to include the Moscatel grape.


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