Perro Callejero Sauvignon Blanc

Perro Callejero (the stray dog) is faithful… to his convictions. Guided by his accurate nose, he faces day after day his destiny and will seek his golden bone till the end. Don’t try to tame him…he is his own master.

Grapes are sourced from two estates in the Uco Valley – El Manzano at 1200m and Los Árboles at 1090m. Harvesting, with very critical selection, is done manually into 12kg boxes in the early hours of the morning to ensure that the grapes arrive at the winery at a low temperature.

­Throughout the process, from the moment the grapes are received to bottling, a protective method is carried out, always without the presence of oxygen, in order to avoid any loss of aromas.

Gentle pressing avoids the extraction of phenolic material and the must is kept in contact with the lees for 5 days at very low temperatures, then it is fermented at 12 ºC. This technique obtains and strengthens the citrus and herbal aromas characteristic of the variety.



Grape Varieties:
Sauvignon Blanc
Tasting Notes:

Floral and citrus with a nice full weight of balanced fruit on the palate and a mouth cleansing, crisp, long finish.

Screwcap , Vegan , Vegetarian

About the Producer

Familia Millan

2002 was the big date for the Millán family in the wine business, they bought their first winery ‘Toneles’ – built in 1922 but completely abandoned for 35 years. José Jesús Millán and his family committed to restore and upgrade it to a “state of the art winery”. In 2008 the government gave the refurbished Toneles “Heritage of Mendoza” status.

2009 was the beginning of Mosquita Muerta Wines. “Mosquita Muerta” is an expression in Spanish which is used to describe a person with little potential for success who ends up accomplishing a remarkable feat. J J Millán chose this name for his project to mock those in the region who doubted of his potential as a wine business entrepreneur. Around 70% of Mosquita Muerta’s production is sold in Buenos Aires.

The main concept is to create Premium Blends from either different varietals, or single varietals from different estates. Vineyards located in the most important wine areas of Mendoza: Uco Valley, such as Gualtallary, Altamira, Los Árboles and Chacayes; and Lujan de Cuyo such as Perdriel, Vistalba and Agrelo. Winemaker Clara Roby (formerly with Montes) uses multiple fermentation and aging techniques to deliver stunning hand-crafted wines.

Millán are focussed on sustainability during the whole production process. From the start – in the vineyards drip irrigation is installed in order to use as little water as possible; to the finish – they have changed all bottles of entry levels and mid tiers to light-weight bottles of 410g. The Millán family is committed to CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) programs.

They are about to release their first organic wine. All are suitable for vegans, with most being vegan certified.


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