Pinot Gris ’Caveau’ – Arthur Metz

Pinot Gris is the French name for Pinot Grigio and in Alsace produces a fuller wine than ‘run of the mill’ Italians.

Pinot Gris, one of the ‘noble grapes’ of Alsace is less stylistically defined than Riesling or Gewurztraminer. It is generally a full-bodied, round and balanced wine with moderate acidity. Pinot Gris was once a dry wine, but many winemakers now tend to bottle with some residual sugar.

Frederick Blanck, speaking for a new generation of winemakers, put the Pinot Gris situation into perspective. “Nobody really knows yet how great Pinot Gris can be. It is a tough variety to grow; with a big crop you get good fruitiness and high acidity, and with a small crop you get great complexity but high alcohol…. In the future, we and many others in Alsace will be making more dry-style Pinot Gris.”

Grape Varieties:
Pinot Gris
Tasting Notes:

A wine that reveals subtle hints of pear and stone fruits; the palate, much more expressive than the nose, has notes of peach, apricot and a final touch of citrus.

About the Producer

Arthur Metz

Arthur Metz founded in 1904, is ideally placed at the northern end of Alsace. The company is involved in the whole process of wine growing and production.

They have two pressing and vinification centres: the Vendangeoir de Scharrachbergheim and another at Epfig. Sourcing from across the region they select the best terroirs for the varietals.

Arthur Metz is in partnership with more than 720 vineyard owners over a vast 1050ha. They oversee the work in the vineyards and monitoring of the vinification process to ensure optimum quality.


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