Teulera Ancestral

Ancestral is a Spanish description for Pet-Nat – naturally petillant/lightly sparkling – wine made by traditional vilification.

The local Montonaga grape is a sub-varietel of Parellada; the vines produce loose bunches of small, pink grapes with thicker skins. Being later ripening than Parellada helps enhance the flavour and preserve acidity, thus making an aromatic and fresh white wine.

The looseness of the grape clusters also favour sun and air circulation, which mitigates disease and promotes a balanced ripening of the vine grapes. Winds reduce the risk of diseases in the vineyard, avoiding the need for pesticides, a key benefit for organic agriculture, and the long, cold winters help kill off disease.

The elevation of the Mascorrubí Heretat vinyards, between 500 and 700m, gives the wines their own personality. Poor rocky soil adds a mineral edge; high altitude and clear skies produce grapes with intensity, acidity, aroma and taste; the contrasts in temperature between day and night (30ºC to 16ºC ) during the growing season enhance optimal concentration of these attributes.

Growers have identified more than 200 different clones of Parellada, which are currently being studied to understand the evolution of the variety over the years.

Grape Varieties:
Tasting Notes:

Semi-sparkling rather than a light spritz; white fruit and lemon grass aromas and full citrus character on the palate make for a very light and refreshing drinking.

Food pairings: grilled fish, shellfish, Asian cuisine (especially sushi and sashimi); pasta , noodles and rice; creamy soft cheese.

No/low sulphites , Organic Practices , Vegan , Vegetarian

About the Producer

Mascorrubi Heretat

The origins of Mascorrubí Heretat date back to the Knights Templar castle of Celma, founded in the 12th century at the edge of the then region of Barcelona.

Farmers cultivated wheat, vines and olive trees near the stream of the Valley of Hell or Marmellar. The earliest documented mention of Mascorrubí Heretat, as “Turris Moscharrubea” dates to January 29th 1279. Later the domain passed into the hands of the Knights of the Order of the Hospital.

In the grounds of Mascorrubí Heretat there is the Romanesque Chapel of Sant Miquel de Celma founded in the 13th century.