Zeno ‘Alcohol Liberated’ Sparkling Rose

Zeno is a range of “alcohol liberated” (low alcohol) wines named after the Greek philosopher and inspired by his Stoic virtues.

They are prestige quality drinks aimed at wine enthusiasts, made by wine enthusiasts: two wine trade veterans, a formidable vigneron and a virtuoso Master of Wine.

The commitment to quality starts in vineyards in central Spain, where the grapes are organically grown. At harvest there is the selection of parcels of the best fruit with specific qualities tailored for getting the perfect result through the de-alcoholisation process.

Carefully vinified in Bodegas Lozano’s world class winery, the wines are then meticulously blended before gently removing the alcohol using the world’s most advanced vacuum distillation technology. Finally, further extensive blending and tasting follows, led by the resident MW, to achieve wines with regional expression and sophisticated aromas and flavours.

Varietals: 97% Macabeo & 3% Tempranillo


Grape Varieties:
Macabeo, Tempranillo
Tasting Notes:

Attractive rose-gold pink appearance with elegant, persistent mousse. Aromas of red berry fruits and hints of white peach reminiscent of classic Provence.

The flavours are crisp and bright with nectarine and redcurrant/raspberry notes, elegant balance and a long, satisfying creamy finish.

Organic Practices , Vegan , Vegetarian

About the Producer

Vinolo Ltd

Vinolo –  ‘Vin No/Low’ – has its origins with two wine professionals looking to cut down on their alcohol intake but unable to find a passable wine to drink.

Engaging with a fellow MW with a chemistry background led to much research to overcome the difficulties in making a quality low-alcohol wine – without alcohol, wine is essentially unstable and looses may of its nuanced aromas and flavours.

Launched in 2022 at Provin they immediately won a gold for the red and sparkling white, with further success at the Sommelier Awards after the commercial launch in Waitrose in December the same year.

These are food orientated wines. The residual sugar of 25-30g/lt (they are looking to reduce this towards 18) emphasises their fruitiness not sweetness.

The wines are between 0.2-0.3% for good reason: any lower and they lose aromatics, they are registering for organic certification which is not allowed for 0.0% wine, and their target market is those who choose to drink less, not a non-alcoholic lifestyle – hence their tag-line “alcohol liberated”.

Spanish company Lozano make their wine in a full and proper way – the alcohol being removed by a separate process in another factory. This utilises the GoLo process, an advance on the standard spinning cone that removes alcohol in one step, not multiple passes, and at lower temperatures – thus preserving the subtleties and aromatics.

Low alcohol wines are designated a food product and therefore have to list all ingredients. Gum arabic is used to help with texture and mouthfeel, giving the wine ‘legs’ and also holds the aromas. E242 is a stabiliser, often used for fruit juice.