Micaela Manzanilla

Micaela is the entry label of Bodegas Baron – who are based in the town of Sanlúcar de Barrameda, the area of Jerez where all Manzanilla in produced as the proximity to the Atlantic Ocean imparts a lighter more ‘salty’ character to the sherry.

This sherry has spent 3-4 yeras in the Solera and is best served at 6°C – 8°C.

Micaela is the new design for the entry level range from Bodegas Barón. With a distinct and deliberate move away from a traditional image, Barón are expressing themselves with ultra-modern stylings.

The design represents a piece of woven cloth: the petals are those of the Passion flower – to symbolise the passion they have for their wines and the passion customers have for them.


Tasting Notes:

Pale straw colour, clean intense aromas of fruit and cut grass. The taste is dry yet soft encompassing classic salty notes on the palate with refreshing bitterness on the finish.